Reflection 6: Picture Perfect

This week I knew I was in for a good read from the chapter titles; Plan on Changing plans, Play Your Own Best Game, Don’t Look Where You Don’t Want to Go.

There was a common theme throughout these chapters for me: optimism. “Trust the unexpected” is something Kriegel spoke about a lot in the book, specifically these chapters. When wanting to become an entrepreneur, I think the first class/message you receive is that there is no set way to succeed. Isn’t that what makes it great though? “Break it thinkers know that though it’s important to have a plan, sometimes it’s even more important to abandon it.”

For me, this hits so close to home. I constantly talk about how I have so many plans, goal oriented, time oriented, to the tee. What I find so funny about myself is that I make these plans, but I rarely stick to them. Not in a way where I don’t accomplish my goals, but every time I look back on the journeys I have been through, I see that I never stay on the laid out path I create for myself. Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Me personally, I don’t like being hit! So I have made a life, and now a career, out of avoiding those punches to the mouth. That doesn’t mean my plans always go as planned though and that some paths might feel like a punch.

Play your own best game. It seems so simple… and it should be! We all have strengths and we should show them every day and build off of them. “Build on what works,” is a statement I am taking with me as I continue my career aspirations. Too often, I believe we can focus on the setbacks and failures, as spoke about in my last blog post. Building on what works though can catapult us all to greater heights that might even seem too far in the distant to acknowledge.

Play your own best game. This. is. so. important. When you can focus on being the best you possible, then there is no limit, because only you can stop yourself. Don’t try to be good at everything, be great at one thing. Hopefully that one thing, is being you!

These chapters mean so much more to me then what I can put in a blog, but I’ll try to sum it up. When you believe in yourself, things start coming a little easier. Plans will forever continue to change, circumstances will always be shifted, so how are you going to play your own best game? Picture this; perfect.

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